Identity + Purpose (Ps. Mark)

On Sunday at Lighthouse Ps Richard preached the first part of a very important message entitled, “What's This Life All About?” (have another listen to it here). As I was taking notes and reflecting on the themes of his message, I started to write a summary in my notebook which went something like this: “IDENTITY+PURPOSE=LIFE”. Each and every human being asks these 2 pertinent and perennial questions throughout their life: “who am I?” and “what am I here for?” A lack of purpose can lead to confusion, restlessness, doubt and anxiety while a strong sense of purpose leads to clarity, faith, resilience and immense hope for the future. As I reflect on my own life I know my capacity to overcome adversity, consistently set goals, remain persistent in my pursuit of Jesus and get up every day is inextricably linked to the answers to those two key questions I receive from our Heavenly Father. The only One who has the authority to define my identity is my Creator, namely God. Just as the lead design engineer for an automobile is able to speak with authority over the identity and purpose of his creation, God as our Creator is the only One who is able to speak with authority about our identity and our purpose.

Are you looking to God and to His Word to receive the answers to those questions? Am I? A great place to start is to utilise a list of Scriptures which define your identity in Christ and to read them, pray them and appropriate them over your life and your future. I encourage you to search online for such a list and use one or two of those Scriptures in your life this week.