Church life is more than services and events.

Church is about people living life together, helping one another grow in our faith so that we can serve our world through the Good News of Jesus Christ. During the week, the Lighthouse community meet together in small groups to learn about God, encourage spiritual growth, pray, eat, laugh, and just enjoy life!

We call these Connect Groups - and they are the heart of our church.

Some of our Connect Groups are (we are trying to cater for everyone):

  • Aspendale Gardens Ladies Small Group (Fortnightly)

  • Bon Beach Small Group (Fortnightly)

  • Cambodian & Vietnamese Ladies (Monthly)

  • Cranbourne East Connect Group (Weekly)

  • Exercise Group (Fortnightly)

  • Immerse - Tuesday Evenings at 7:30pm (House of Prayer Upper Room)

  • Keysborough Small Groups (Weekly)

  • Know Your Bible - Tuesdays Mornings at 10:00am (House of Prayer Upper Room)

  • Mandarin Connect Group

  • Worship & Bible Study (Pastor’s Lounge fortnightly at 7:30pm) Ps Vaughn (0439 748 690)

  • Upper Room Wednesdays (Fortnightly)

  • Waterways Small Group (Fortnightly)

  • Worship Team Small Group (Fortnightly)

  • Young Adults (Fortnightly)

Our Connect Groups run on a school semester-based schedule. We open up Connect Group sign ups every year during January/February for the first half of the year, and June/July for the second half of the year. These are the best times to register your involvement.

Contact us for more information: