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Who We Are: Values

The Holy Spirit has led Lighthouse CC in some special ways over the years. We have not sought to be different, but firstly obedient to God’s calling, and relevant to our outside world. Whilst one can paint with a broad brush a typical ACC church and most would fall into such a spectrum, Lighthouse CC still shines with some distinctive values that give it its unique DNA. After much soul-searching and observation of prophetic directives received over the years, Lighthouse CC highly values the following ingredients:


Prayer and Worship

The offering and response to God that both demands our total and timeless devotion, and also attracts God’s grace and presence, producing an impregnation of God’s voice and blessing to the believer and/or congregation.


The practice of ‘one-anotherness’ as a result of the revelation that true Christianity is ‘true community’ and in essence an isolated or ‘stand-alone Christian’ is an oxymoron. God is a community (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), He puts His people in Community (families), Jesus developed a community (disciples). And the early church was a community. The 21st Century in the Western World is suffering badly from the absence of community – a blight on the modern world. Lighthouse is a community for the community. We want to declare Christ’s good news and exhibit such by wholesome and miraculous relationships.


John Maxwell says ‘Everything stands or falls on Leadership’. Whilst we fervently believe in this maxim, we also define leadership a little more broadly than the typical Pentecostal church. We believe leadership is both singular and plural. Lighthouse stands or falls on the Senior Leadership Team led by Pastor Richard who is in constant consultation with the team. A collaborative approach (with each acknowledging each other in the Spirit) led by the senior leader is the Scriptural way to lead and govern God’s work.


God allowed Moses to learn the trade of shepherding sheep for forty years. Moses learned while living in the arid dry land moving sheep around to places where water and grass could be found. The desert is the place of preparation for our greatest assignment – the leading of people from “Egypt to Canaan”. If we win people to Christ and fail to shepherd, we have wasted our time – mission aborted.


we believe strongly that ‘no man is an island’ and that we all need each other. Accountability is mutual openness with each other in order to safeguard our relationships, our testimony, and our destiny (Matt. 8:5-13). Accountability ensures healing, unity, and corporate blessing (Ps. 133:1).


our name speaks strongly of our desire to obey the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20) to let our light shine to our community and the world by both word and deed, that those who hear and see may turn to Christ and be saved.


Lighthouse CC is also committed to ‘empowering leadership’ believing that all God’s people possess leadership potential. (Gk. Καταρτισμ katartismos complete furnishing, equipping perfecting) One of the purposes of Christ’s resurrection was to equip the saints for the work of the ministry (Eph. 4:11-13).

These God-given values permeate Lighthouse CC. They make up our DNA. They are what God has made us. We believe they are God-breathed and the result of our walk with Him.