At Lighthouse, our goal is see men recover their masculine heart.

This masculine heart was formed and defined in the image of a passionate and victorious God. It's time for men to recover their dreams of being the hero of the story, of beating the bad guys, of achieving great feats and rescuing the damsel in distress - all to the glory of God!

For many men, being a man of God is a huge responsibility, especially when we are trying to lead our families, and/or those around us that we influence all the while living in a fallen world.

How do we as men become the hero of the story that our peers, families and friends can look up to? Here at Lighthouse Men, we aim to teach you just that.

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Quarterly Events

Four times a year have special events from Car Rallies, Bowling, Fishing and Movie Nights etc. 

For further details please contact Pastor Vaughn on 0439 748 690 or