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So far this year, we have been visited by the following ministries

(Their messages are available for you to download)

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Don’t miss these coming visiting ministries

Pastor Steven Teo was an accountant by training.
He is currently PRACTIcING law with JK Lawyers.
He has worked in the corporate world for many years.
He is an ordained Minister with the
Full Gospel Churches of Australia
and is currently involved in a
global itinerant ministry and brings
practical and inspirational
insights into the Word of God.
Pastor Steven will be ministering on

Saturday 13th April at 6 pm and
Sunday 14th April at 10 am.

A preacher you wouldn't want to miss!

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In 2018 we were visited by these great men & women of God:

  • Eric & Monique (14th Jan)

  • Faylene Sparks (23rd-25th March)

  • Dr Andrew Evans (8th April)

  • Sally Goode (17th June)

  • Dr. Lalith Mendis (22nd July)

  • Mr. Alex Cook (1st July)

  • Ps. Stephen Griffiths (29th July)

  • Dianne Manusama (Fri. 31st August - Women’s event)

  • Sam “Machine Gun Preacher” Childers (2nd September)

  • Ps. Mike Smith (9th September)

  • Mark & Christine Pedder (11th November)