Giving Options


For cash transactions, this option is still available, however we would prefer you to set up an online giving method to make it easier for you. If you still prefer to give cash, please place your tithes or offerings in an envelope and mark “TITHES” or “OFFERINGS”, if it is an offering please state what the offering is for e.g.: soup kitchen, missions etc.  
Please hand over envelope to one of the staff members at the office. If you have any issues, please contact Margot or Ranjith on 0416 157 190.  

Credit/Debit Card

Please call Margot on 03 8796 7333 (Church Office) and provide the following details:  
·         Credit/Debit Card Number  
·         Expiry date   
·         Amount  
·         Tithes, Offerings or Missions  
The call providing the credit/debit card details will be used as an authorisation to debit your card and a receipt will be issued to you.   

Internet Banking

Many of our congregation give their Tithes online, please use your Bank internet banking facility to make the payment, the Church account details are below:  
·         Name:    Lighthouse Christian Church  
·         Bank: NAB  
·         BSB: 083-191 Account: 55275 5620  
Please indicate Tithes or Offerings, if offering please state what it is for.   

Direct Debit

Please contact your bank or setup via your Internet Banking a direct debit payment. The Church Account details are as follows:  
·         Name:    Lighthouse Christian Church  
·         Bank: NAB  
·         BSB: 083-191 Account: 55275 5620  

Website Banking

You could also give your tithes and offerings via our website by clicking on the Tithe.Ly button here: